Revs, Runs and Return to Cruising


Since my last blog we have all seen some positive changes. The continuing successful vaccination roll out, some lifting of lockdown restrictions and the imminent arrival (hopefully) of ‘freedom day’
Lockdown for some was stressful and for others enjoyable, for me it was busy, not with gigs but achievements that before Covid arrived I would never have attained.

At the beginning of February I decided to do the Couch 2 5K challenge. I was not a runner and in fact trying to run for 2 mins was a challenge all of its own!
However I was determined and indeed a couple of days ahead of the program I ran my first 5K. I now quite enjoy running and do it now a couple of days a week.

In March I succumbed to temptation and bought a 125cc Retro Scooter. (Pic) Every time I was on my travels and particularly in Italy I just had a desire to get on a scooter and join the locals nipping around the various cities I was in.
Back at home I still wanted one but having to pass a CBT course first always put me off. Then with enforced free time on my hands and the availability of a good value one month old scooter for sale, I gave in.
I got my CBT, have also now passed my theory test and the appointment is made for my Module 1 test. It’s great to get back on two wheels and a run round the Ards Peninsula in the sunshine is hard to beat!

As I write this, my suitcases are open on my bed ready for me to pack and head back to the Cruise Ships as a Guest Entertainer after 15 months at home. The first cruises for me are around the UK but to get back on stage with a live audience is what it is all about.

If you see me running, shout hello. If you see me on my red scooter, wave. If you are onboard any of the ships, I’ll see you in the theatre.

Stay safe xx

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