Shows, Swabs and Safe travels

I’m currently sitting about 35,000ft in the air as I fly home to Belfast from Hamburg via London Heathrow. It’s so good to be doing international travel again not only in the air but also at sea.

For the past week I have been enjoying myself on board Oceania Cruises luxury cruise ship the Marina. (See pic) I’m back doing what I love, travelling the world and making people laugh.
This was not my first return to cruising but it was my first in international waters. I joined the ship in Helsinki,(Finland) with stops at Tallin,(Estonia) Riga, (Latvia) Rønne, (Sweden) and two days at sea.
Unlike my first Cruises back at each port we were allowed off the ship on our own to explore as we wanted. Yes we had to be mindful of each countries requirements re:Covid but apart from wearing masks inside it was very normal. One exception was Sweden were we needed to have a covid test carried out 48 hours before entering. This was performed onboard at no expense.

The audience was mostly from the United States though I did meet guests onboard from Northern Ireland.
All in all with stops and the ability to wander about at will it certainly was a feeling of the normality that I had been looking forward to as cruising recommenced slowly but surely.

Currently, as I said I’m in the air. I have a negative test to fly, I have completed my passenger locator form and I have my Day2 test organised as I was in the so called amber countries.
But hey ho, it is what it is and I’m looking forward to my next ship already….. in a week from now.

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