Time, Tests and Teeth

I’m sitting down to write this and wondering – Where did January go?. Here we are, already in February and it seems to be very true that time flies or maybe that is just because the older we get the shorter a year seems to be. Henry Twells (1823 – 1900) summed it up well in words that can be seen attached to a clock case in the North Transept of Chester Cathedral. They read..

When as a child I laughed and wept,
Time crept
When as a youth I waxed more bold,
Time strolled
When I became a full grown man,
Time ran
When older still I daily grew,
Time flew
Soon shall I find in passing on,
Time gone
Oh Lord wilt thou have saved me then?

But here we are, still in Lockdown, my work on pause apart from some virtual shows and like you all looking forward to a point in the future when we can all look back and over coffee in a little cafe or on a sun drenched beach somewhere have a good natter about how things went for us all during this time.

Some may know that from September last year to the end of January I was working at the Covid Test site in Belfast where people came to self test. If you were one of them you may well have been speaking to me but behind the masks etc you may not have known. Hopefully you tested negative or if not that at least you are feeling much better now. I left because I needed to concentrate again on my comedy, to write new shows, to get back into ‘the zone’ for when performing in theatres and ships resume. I am quite sure that some of my experiences at the test site will filter into my stand up at a later date. It will certainly be the subject of conversation over that cup of coffee I mentioned earlier. A memory of this time.

Now another thing you may or may not know is that I am a big fan of Dachshunds, in particular the mini. A look at my instagram page (williamcaulfieldcomedy) is testament to that! My beloved Charlie sadly passed away aged fourteen last January leaving behind him Willow who was seven. She definitely missed him every bit as much as I did and so at the start of January this year I got another little male mini dachshund as company called Bleu (after his colouring). I had forgotten how much they can nip and bite while teething but thankfully due to some training tricks I remembered this is passing and both him and Willow love to play together and sleep together. What joy he has brought to all. Another memory of this time.

So while time is fleeting, so is this period and with the successful roll out of vaccines, someday soon this blog will not mention Covid apart from it being just a distant memory in time.

Take care and see you soon.

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