Three PM’s this week!


This is only the third day of this week. I’m writing this on Tuesday 7th of April, into the third week of our ‘lockdown’, and like you all it’s not getting any easier.

This week started off with the first of the three PM’s – A Palace Message to Inspire.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth gave a flawless and very thoughtful address to each and every one of us from her own confinement away from her close family and loved ones. She thanked all the front line staff, not only at the NHS but everyone who is still working in whatever capacity to keep us safe, healthy and to have access to food as and when we need it. People we often take for granted, delivery van drivers, the postman, the bin man, the young assistant in the local shop, the shelf stackers etc.. the list goes on and on and remember while they are doing their job their lives are in danger from this unseen virus that is so rampant at the present time
Her reference back to her first address, helped by the late Princess Margaret, was very poignant as it was a time when she was distanced as a young girl from her family and well may have thought it unnecessary. I’m sure there are lots of you who are parents and finding it very difficult to explain to the children why they cannot go to school or play with their friends. Times are dark and difficult and indeed can seem depressing especially if you are glued to news channels, Facebook and Twitter. Take time away from them and remember social media is NOT the real world nor is it anywhere near like the real world.

Her Majesty closed her message with three fabulous sentences “We will be with our friends again. We will be with our families again. We will meet again.” I know for some, loved ones have already succumbed to this awful pandemic and sadly more will, but let us all grasp the truth of the sentiments in those sentences and take hope.

The second of the three PM’s is sad – A Prime Minister Now Ill.
When we learned on March 25th that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson was showing mild symptoms of Covid 19 we realised that this virus was no respecter of persons, in other words ANYONE could get it. I know with me it heightened the awareness of the need to practice social distancing and the washing of hands. Irrespective of anyones political view his illness coupled with that of his pregnant fiancé Carrie Symonds was sad news. Like us all however and unlike the Health Spokesperson for Scotland, they immediately isolated themselves to help stop the spread of this killer virus.

Anyone who knows Boris, (and I can’t claim to as I have only ever met him once,) knows he is a fighter and so even though he was showing some of the traits of the illness he was still up and at his work. The very fact that even just last Thursday night, and still unwell, he stood at the door of No 10 to applaud the NHS is testament to that. How very sad then, to learn just yesterday that his situation had nothing bettered but rather grew worse and was and is now in an ICU in hospital. Like him or loath him, lets all pray for him. I was disgusted to read the hate on some social media platforms this morning, ordinary people wishing him to die. How sad and indeed how evil can some be. I don’t apologise for saying that and if you are reading this and wish him dead, search your heart, something is not right. He is a son, he is a brother, he is a soon to be father, he is a fellow human being. Let go of your hate, politics and differences and pray for his speedy recovery.

The third PM is – A Public Mission to Isolate.
I don’t like it and I know you don’t like it but the medical experts believe that isolating ourselves in our own homes, away from friends and family that don’t live in the same household is stopping the spread of the disease, helping the NHS and protecting lives. Stop looking for loopholes. The advice is clear. ONLY out for, shopping for food and medicine as infrequent as possible. One form of exercise a day, which does not mean a drive to the seaside for a walk on the beach ! (ok for a walk on the beach if you live nearby). Any medical need and travelling to work where you cannot work from home.

We are all in this together.

My work is non existent at present. I’m at home. I get bored. I get up and look in the fridge! I do some physical exercise in my kitchen. I go out for a walk. I do Facebook live chats. I occasionally write a blog. I want a return to normal asap. I want to be back on my travels. I want to walk out on stage again. I want to hear good news. I just want to meet for a coffee. I want to see my friends again. I want to see my family again. As the Queen said and as the song says, We WILL meet again.

Stop all this hate, Stay safe, Stay at home and be happy.

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