Awesome Auckland

I have now arrived in Auckland, in fact I have now spent two days here with another night and day still before I set sail for the next port of call.

Auckland is beautiful. It’s a city with a population of around 1.7 million. In terms of NZ it’s busy, after all the total population is just under 5 million. As it goes the Sky Tower is the most visible and distinctive building on the landscape. (See pic) It soars up around 320 meters and the views from the top are stunning.
Below there are the usual bars and restaurants etc and day or night you can never get lost here.. just look up!

Quirky little coffee shops abound so if you like to take some time out and people watch there is no need to visit the well known coffee shops to do so. Irish bars are plentiful as well including one aptly named Father Teds!

If you want a real good steak for dinner ( and I did) Tony’s Steak and Seafood Resturant really is the place. Opened in 1963 and going strong still. I’ll recommend the house favourite Tony’s own Steak. Trust me it’s to die for.

Just up the hill from the city centre is Albert Park. A respite from the shops and streets below. Well worth a visit. I have another night and day here before I leave and I’m definitely in no rush away.

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