The journey continues

I’ve got to say that New Zealand is living up to my expectations. Friendly laid back locals and stunning scenery.

Yesterday the Maasdam dropped anchor in Akaroa bay and we ‘tendered’ ashore into the town. When I say town I am giving it more credit than it is due. A one street village but nestled in the most stunning scenery you can imagine.

The bay is home to Hectors Dolphins and if you like you can go and see them on a boat trip.

The area was affected by the earthquake a few years ago but any destruction caused has all been repaired.

There are two lovely old wooden churches at either ends of the Main Street that is full of little shops and bars and coffee shops one of which is owned by a guy from Paisley in Scotland.

Today we have arrived and docked in Wellington the capital of New Zealand and a far cry from yesterday’s port of call.

Bustling streets with a shopping area and financial districts like any city and the ‘Bee Hive’ which is the parliament building.

Temperatures are around a pleasant 18-20 degrees.

Tonight I have to do what I’m here for of course and that is to ‘work’. It’s showtime for me tonight. Then I’m off for the rest of the week again as we continue around this stunning country.

I’ll keep you posted.



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