From Donaghadee to Dunedin

There is an old song that says ‘It’s six miles from Bangor to Donaghadee’, but where I am now is eleven thousand eight hundred miles from Donaghadee! Where am I? Well, I am in a town called Dunedin in New Zealand where tomorrow morning I shall be joining a Holland America ship as a guest entertainer for a week as we visit various ports around the coastline in this beautiful country.

I have never been here in NZ before but judging from what I saw flying in and a couple of hours walking about Dunedin, I know the next couple of weeks will be very enjoyable.

I’m tired now after over thirty hours in the air so a power nap is definitely on the cards then I am meeting up with one of New Zealand’s finest comedians Simon McKinney whom I haven’t seen since we explored Sri Lanka in the back of a Tuk Tuk and Dubai in the back of an air-conditioned limo a couple of years ago when we were on a Princess ship.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page – Comedian William Caulfield – for live videos here in NZ and Australia and here on my website I will continue with short blogs.

Thanks for reading…

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