Coronavirus and Country Gospel Lyric

Since my last blog of only a few days ago the world has changed! The pandemic that is Covid-19 is now really beginning to have its effects as the UK Govt ups its efforts to ease the burden on the NHS and help us all stay safe.

We are now ALL hopefully practising social distancing and if we detect any of the symptoms with ourselves – self isolating.

As I write this it is Mothers Day, and the best gift you can give her is to keep away if she is in the age group that is most vulnerable. The most of us have never lived in a time like this before when schools, restaurants, pubs, theatres, gyms etc have been closed and many have been forced to work from home or like me not work at all! Naturally this is a worrying time but the REAL EXPERTS know what they are talking about and it is to them and them only you should listen. I am sure that those of you who check social media will have eejits telling you all sorts of stories and giving advice, please ignore it all, don’t get sucked in because all that that will do is make you feel even worse about this situation that is out of our control.

Out of our control – four words that has prompted me to write this particular blog today. There is nothing that you and I can do about this and for your own peace of mind try and accept that as a fact. Stressing out and worrying will achieve nothing apart from making you feel even worse about things and for you that are parents of younger children that will be the wrong signal to send to them. Yes, times are tough and may get tougher but as families and as neighbours lets all keep a positive attitude mentally because remember we really ALL, the entire world, are in this together.

Lets keep our hands clean, lets look out for one another and obey the advice from the Health professionals. There is absolutely no doubt that some of us will catch this virus, prepare for it rationally, no need to have hundreds of loo rolls and of course most will recover. I am not an expert, I’m just currently an out of work comedian but I intent to stay positive and I really want you all to do the same. None of us know how long this will last, weeks, months even a year but all any of us can do is summed up in the lyrics penned by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson and that is to live “One day at a time”

Keep smiling, keep the sound of laughter a constant companion, keep well and keep safe xx

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